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San Francisco Giants: A Tale of 2 Teams and the Split That Separates Them

Naturally, this sort of dichotomy would reach its peak after a series in the high-altitude bang-box known as Coors Field, but the 2012 San Francisco Giants have found two entirely different teams playing their home and away games.At AT&T Park, it's the ... (Continue reading)

Brandon Belt Emerging as One of San Francisco Giants’ Best Hitters

To say that it has been a bumpy road for the young Brandon Belt is an understatement. By this point, most of us are well aware of the never ending stream of "controversy" that seems to follow everything that happens ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Top 10 Who Will Make or Break 2nd Half

Although it seems tough to match the excitement and intrigue of the first half, the Giants are looking to continue their already extremely memorable season in grand form. With October ambitions firmly established, the Giants are counting on big second ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: The Lineup Bruce Bochy Should Be Writing

Simply put, managers are scapegoats. Teams need someone to take the heat that goes with disappointing hordes of fans and that person is the manager. Although it might be easy to criticize players, we really have no right as they regularly do things ... (Continue reading)

Tim Lincecum: Taking a Deeper Look at His Start Against the Oakland A’s

It seems as if every time The Freak takes the mound this year, the Giants community spends the following several days desperately trying to figure out what the hell happened.The way it has generally been understood, Lincecum's starts have featured ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Say Enough Is Enough by Demoting Brett Pill

Well, it looks like that day has finally come, and after going 0-for-3 in Friday night's shutout, long-time minor league first baseman Brett Pill finally returns from whence he came, Triple-A Fresno.According to the Giants Twitter, the G-men have activated ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Show Promise in Close Defeat Against Miami

Well every loss definitely hurts, but that one actually didn't feel too bad, all things considered.The Giants played well and what's more is that deadbeat, anchor of an offense we're always ragging on is actually somehow... good, really good. Over ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Reassesing the Carlos Beltran/Zach Wheeler Trade

I know it's always a little unfair to judge a trade in the hindsight of the following season, but it's naive to think that the trade isn't still affecting the Giants.Here we are in 2012 and to nobody's surprise, offense ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: The 5 Biggest Concerns in the Bullpen

Back in the offseason, Giants general manager Brian Sabean had 99 problems to fix, but the bullpen wasn't one of them as Sabean even had enough extra depth to trade away one of last year's standouts, Ramon Ramirez. The Giants ... (Continue reading)

Pablo Sandoval Injury: How the San Francisco Giants Will Cope with the Setback

You know what's always a good way to end a team-wide offensive slump? Losing your best hitter...yeah, seriously though, things just went from bad to much, much worse when the Giants' MVP-quality third basemen and offensive anchor Pablo "Kung-Fu Panda" Sandoval left ... (Continue reading)