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San Francisco 49ers Should Trade for Minnesota’s Brett Favre

After making the sacrifice to my memorial to the 49ers by sticking pins into a Christmas Rams helmet ornament, by divine right, and in the name of world peace, but not among football fans, I firmly believe the 49ers should ... (Continue reading)

Whiner 49ers Fans Need To Stop Crying In Their Beer

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions, but this year I wish 49ers fans would make a collective one: We will stop whining.Find the positive in the fact that Jed York is a breath of fresh air compared to ... (Continue reading)

Gasbag Lowell Cohn Says 49ers’ Jed York May Not Be "Bright" (Really)

Today on KNBR, Press Democrat sports columnist Lowell Cohn proved to the world that he has made a miraculous transformation from gasbag columnist to Nobel Prize-winning psychiatrist.49ers President Jed York will never have to seek therapy; all he has to ... (Continue reading)

Jed York’s Smackdown of Columnist Reveals a Lot

No one ever said that taking over the bombed-out ruins of a once-vaunted football empire would be an easy task for a dynamic Jed York.We knew that when he hired venerable Hall of Famer Mike Singletary—a class act and an ... (Continue reading)

Good Thing Jed York Doesn’t Listen To Critics

OK, Jed York-haters, get out that venom and get those knives sharpened, because, oh my gosh, San Francisco's draft-day performance was so horrific. Uh, yeah, right. It was awesome! You're gonna have to come up with some good excuses about why the team's ... (Continue reading)

Don’t Be Ridiculous: 49ers Aren’t In Turmoil

Rumors of the 49ers' front-office shuffle have been greatly exaggerated. San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News columnists obviously didn't get the memo from the visiting Chester Pitts, who said, "Everybody has things that go on in their lives. In ... (Continue reading)

Jed York Will Steer San Francisco 49ers Through Transition

San Francisco 49ers operating owner Jed York has once again shown he is a class act. Under what must be difficult circumstances, he has shown his characteristic and praiseworthy restraint in dealing with a sensitive personnel issue. In ... (Continue reading)

49ers Return To Roots

How many 49ers fans remember the "one-day wonder"? It occurred in 1991, when the team announced that its helmet logo would change from "SF" to "49ers." Hell fire and brimstone hailed down upon the storied franchise as fans and media ... (Continue reading)

Would San Francisco 49ers Have Winning Record without Michael Crabtree Holdout?

Today, I read a column by Mike Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News , and he stated that had Michael Crabtree been playing since the season started, the 49ers would have a winning record. Purdy might be correct. He gets ... (Continue reading)

Winners Grin and Bear It; Whiners Complain

Before you put your hands over your ears and close your eyes in the wake of this loss, 49ers fans, do not despair.We've been here before.And came back.This most likely will not be a Super Bowl season.It may not even ... (Continue reading)