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Position Battles Around The Corner For The Oakland Raiders

Training Camp is literally days away for the Oakland Raiders. Players are going to start arriving on Tuesday and Wednesday to the Napa facility. Gone is the music that Lane Kiffin used to play. Gone is the late 7 p.m. second ... (Continue reading)

Why Johnnie Lee Higgins and Justin Miller Are the Most Underrated NFL Returners

Friday I caught some NFL Total Access and noticed they were going to list the top five returners in the NFL on Monday.  I am thinking that, "Johnnie Lee Higgins got snubbed from the Pro-Bowl; the guys over at the ... (Continue reading)

Is Rookie Receiver Louis Murphy a Possible Starter For The Oakland Raiders?

The Selection of Louis Murphy: The Oakland Raiders selected Louis Murphy with the 124th pick (fourth Round) of the 2009 NFL Draft.  The Raiders had already chosen a receiver the day prior as they picked Darrius Heyward-Bey with the seventh overall pick, ... (Continue reading)

Greg Ellis Left Out To Dry In His Last Year As A Cowboy

Greg Ellis was on the Michael Irvin Show and let out some details about how his last year went in Dallas. He went over many subjects. He talked about not being used in games as much as he'd like. He was put ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Draft Strategy: Post Crawford Deal

Now that the Warriors have gotten rid of Jamal Crawford, what will their draft strategy be? They acquired two point guards. A veteran making his second stop in the Bay, Speedy Claxton and Acie Law. Speedy Claxton got the most playing ... (Continue reading)

JaMarcus Russell Is Slowly Developing into a Leader

Finally, Oakland Raider fans get to hear something we haven't heard in Oakland since Rich Gannon left: JaMarcus Russell is gathering his teammates (wide receivers and tight ends) for a week of private workouts. Here's two links that repeat the information. We ... (Continue reading)

NFL Draft ’06 and ’07: Who’ll Be the Best QBs?

We can pretty much see what the QBs in these draft classes will turn out to be. Raider haters out there love to throw dirt on JaMarcus Russell. It's not fair. We'll glance through the QBs available and selected during the ... (Continue reading)