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It Was My Fault: Why the 49ers Lost Against the Texans

Now, you might wonder why I would have a picture of Joe Montana for an article about the San Francisco 49ers game against the Houston Texans. You might also wonder why I blame myself for the loss when I was ... (Continue reading)

Michael Crabtree Never Wanted to Be a 49er: One Image Says It All

First, let me be clear, the image I am talking about is not the one on this column. To see the image, I recommend you go here and go 26 seconds into the clip. After Michael Crabtree was informed he would play ... (Continue reading)

A Word of Caution To San Francisco 49ers: Do Not Reach for the Panic Button

Consider this a warning. A premature flare for a situation I hope never occurs. Right now, I'm going to let you in on my biggest fear for the San Francisco 49ers: They draft a quarterback in the first round next ... (Continue reading)

A Closer Look at The San Francisco 49ers in the Red Zone

A week ago, I wrote about an extensive look at the San Francisco 49ers' success in the Red Zone. Aside from looking at the trend for the past three years, I also broke down how the offense improved with Shaun ... (Continue reading)

Red to Gold: A Look at the San Francisco 49ers in the Red Zone

Unlike baseball, football is not as heavy on the statistics (Google Sabermetrics if you're not sure what I'm talking about). There are few complex metrics that are widely used. However, efficiency has been one metric talked about frequently, from ... (Continue reading)

A Balanced Attack: How Jimmy Raye Shapes the 49ers’ Offense

The common wisdom from most fans and commentators is that the 49ers are going to run the ball non stop next year. Mike Singletary has been associated with hard nose football all his life and he even said that his ... (Continue reading)

Four Possible Outcomes for the San Francisco 49ers 2009 Season

In my mind, there are three possibilities for how the 49ers will fare this season: Realistically well, Realistically poor, and my Fanatical Dream Scenario. The reason the headline says four while I say three is because, as a rabid fan, I ... (Continue reading)