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Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator Greg Knapp Has Got to Go

Raider Nation, it brings me no great pleasure to tell you this: but I told you so. Ever since I heard two dreadful words in the offseason, I told you things were going to be bad. I knew this season ... (Continue reading)

One Burning Question for Every Member of the Raiders Roster

Are you excited yet, Raider Nation? We're less than 96 hours away from the Raiders' first preseason game. As we head into the start of the 2012 season, let's take a look at Oakland's roster and examine what ... (Continue reading)

Three Veteran Free Agents the Raiders Should Bring in for Training Camp

Can you smell it yet? That faint aroma off in the distance, growing ever closer?Football is coming.Soon, we’ll be rescued from the steamy doldrums of summer by the sounds of shoulder pads colliding, footballs whistling through the air and Jaguars ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Athletics: Is It Time to Believe in the 2012 A’s?

Once the St. Louis Cardinals had completed one of the most improbable comebacks in baseball history and won the 2011 World Series, a fuse was lit in Oakland: What was to follow, in quick and stunning succession, was the roster ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Athletics: What on Earth Has Gotten into Bartolo Colon?

What the hell happened to Bartolo Colon? Or maybe more importantly, what the hell is going in the A’s front office? That second question probably isn’t meant the way you think it is, because it’s a positive question. Somebody in ... (Continue reading)

2012 NFL Draft: Grading Reggie McKenzie’s 1st Draft in Oakland

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie—in the immortal words of Vince Lombardi: What the hell's going on out here? Mark Davis elected you to be the President of the Raider Nation; a fanbase has trusted in you to return the Silver and Black ... (Continue reading)

2012 NFL Draft: Forecasting the Raiders’ Picks

As the Raiders finally start their NFL Draft experience sometime later tonight (woohoo! Last pick on a Friday night! Party time!), I’m going to revisit the selections I made as the Raiders’ “General Manager” during Bleacher Report’s Community Mock Draft. These ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Grading Reggie McKenzie’s Offseason so Far

For 50 years, Al Davis was the Oakland Raiders—the Raiders’ mentality was his mentality. He created the aura of the “Silver and Black,” he coined the mottoes “Just Win, Baby,” and “Commitment to Excellence,” he oversaw all personnel decisions. The ... (Continue reading)

Peyton Manning Rumors: Why Manning in Denver Would Doom Oakland Raiders

The current state of the Indianapolis Colts is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent NFL offseasons: a full-blown fire sale atmosphere. Everything must go! If it ain’t bolted to the ground, it can be had! As an Oakland A’s fan, ... (Continue reading)

Playing What-If: Could the 2011 Oakland Raiders Have Won the Super Bowl?

It can be futile and useless to play the “what-if” game in sports, but hey, it’s the offseason: What else are we going to do, talk about the Raiders’ lack of draft picks for two months? So let’s play a ... (Continue reading)