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Lakers Need to Ditch Dwight Howard, Think Towards 2014 in Free Agency

Around this time last year, the Lakers popped the blue pill.As Laker GM Mitch Kupchak is plenty prone to do, he made quick work of the trade market and brought in the likes of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash without ... (Continue reading)

LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat: NBA Christmas, Why We Care, and Who Wins

On Christmas I, like every other rabid NBA fan the world over, am not looking forward to unwrapping presents. I am not excited about going to church early in the morning (I don't think that's anything out of the ordinary, actually). I ... (Continue reading)

2011 NBA Season: Is Kobe Bryant’s Legacy Doomed To Michael Jordan’s Shadow?

As a fan of NBA basketball, I believe myself incredibly lucky to have lived through, and witnessed, the entirety of Kobe Bryant's career.  The evolution of media and the 24-hour news cycle has afforded the layperson an unnervingly in-depth look at ... (Continue reading)

NBA Free Agents 2010: Why Chris Paul and the Lakers Shouldn’t Happen

According to Yahoo! Sports sources, Chris Paul wants out out of New Orleans.  New Orleans brass had allegedly promised Paul that the roster would be upgraded to improve his chances of contending for an NBA championship.  Needless to say, New Orleans has ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat: Return of the East-West Rivalry?

Pac vs. Biggie.  Death Row vs. Bad Boy. Crowded, uptight New York vs. smoggy, lazy Los Angeles.  And now... Sunny Los Angeles vs. Sunny South Beach? The East Coast vs. West Coast (excuse me, the Least Coast vs. the Best Coast) rivalry is ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant’s Doin’ Work: Mamba Recruiting For the Los Angeles Lakers?!

  As recently as last season, during the regular season, I openly detested Kobe Bryant.  I could write a book on why I hated Kobe Bryant. I hated that he was shooting the Lakers out of games, taking an NBA high 22 shots ... (Continue reading)

Lakers: The Road To 73-9 Remains a Long One

Well it's here—the morning after opening night.  Let the predictions fly!  I'm here grounded in reality.  The only thing more absurd than attempting to predict an MVP when half the NBA hasn't so much as played a regular season game ... (Continue reading)