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Celtics vs. Lakers 2010: Lakers Display Championship Heart

It sure wasn’t pretty, but championships are earned more through sweat and willpower than anything aesthetic. When everything was said and done, the Los Angeles Lakers emerged from the Boston Celtics’ defensive furnace as champions, grinding out an 83-79 victory ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers Breakdown: Baron Davis Returns, Clips Lakers

Over the past two seasons, starting with Golden State’s stretch run in 2007-08 and continuing today, Baron Davis has wasted his considerable basketball talents. Selfishness, passiveness, and a profound languor have palled over him, resulting in the listless ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers Breakdown: Massacre Exposes Lakers’ Ugliest Warts

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 102-87 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers was an embarrassing defeat that revealed all of LA’s major flaws; many of them were the same flaws that doomed their quest to win a championship in 2007-2008. -The Lakers' interior ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Breakdown: Circus Is Over But Clowns Remain

Offensive talent throughout the roster? Speedy guards who can push the tempo? Talented isolation scorers? Quick-handed defenders who can generate steals? The Golden State Warriors have the players tailored to executing Don Nelson’s run amok game plan. Therefore, ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals Game Five: Lakers Punctuate Season of Validation

With the chances of Orlando winning the title all but gone after their Game Four meltdown, Game Five was all about the heart of the participants involved. Would the Magic have the will to take yet another cannonball to the ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals Game Four: Lakers on Verge of Sending Magic Fishing

The Lakers didn’t so much as win Game Four as the Magic lost it. Either way, after persevering in overtime 99-91, the Lakers are on the verge of capturing their first title since their three-peat, while the Magic are looking ... (Continue reading)

Magic-Lakers Game Three: Orlando Thinks Outside-In, Ends Up with Win

The Orlando Magic made two essential adjustments in their 108-104 Game Three victory over the Los Angeles Lakers that may have saved their season.On the very first possession, the Magic employed a series of weak side curls leading to Hedo ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals Game Two: Orlando Supporting Cast Must Recapture the Magic

The Magic made a number of adjustments in their 101-96 overtime loss to the Lakers in Game Two of the NBA Finals—some of them worked, some of them didn’t. Unlike the initial game when Orlando played Bryant straight up, the Magic ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals Game One: Kobe Bryant’s Greatness on Full Display

LeBron who? Kobe Bryant went to work in the Lakers’ 100-75 dismantling of the Magic in Game One of the NBA Finals with a performance that displayed exactly why he’s the best player in the world.After dueling with solid defenders ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant’s Impending Battle with an Undefeated Opponent

The perils of time provide basketball players with an unbeatable opponent. No matter how talented the player, unless his trainer has access to an elixir from the fountain of youth, that player will eventually be forced to submit to the ... (Continue reading)