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NFL Week 10: You Crap The Bed

Ed. Note and Update: This was posted before the SNF game. Scroll to the bottom for perhaps the biggest Bed Crapping Ever.In honor of Eagles coach Andy "Help, My Testicles Have Receded And I Can't Stop Kicking Field Goals" Reid, ... (Continue reading)

Eagles-Chargers: A Loyal Fan’s Perspective

In all of the ways your team can lose a game, the least satisfying has to be when your coaching staff goes "Maximum Pussy." Repeatedly in this game, with no evidence that the defense was going to be able to win ... (Continue reading)

NFL Week 9: ‘You Crap the Bed’ Celebrates World Toilet Day

This week on a very special episode of You Crap , we're giving back to the community by celebrating World Toilet Day . This honest-to-goodness real holiday happens in just ten days, and helps to put focus on ... (Continue reading)

NFL Week Seven: Top 10 Late Game Notes

1) Mark Sanchez said he wanted to get his mojo back this week. He did, scoring on a QB draw and throwing a great deep ball to WR David Clowney, when the Raiders were getting Clownied all over ... (Continue reading)

N.Y. Yankees-L.A. Angelzzz: Why the ALCS May Work Better Than Ambien

Here's what happens to you, Dear Reader, after A Certain Age: you start to fall asleep on games. This happened to me last night with the Angles-Yankees, which eliminated the chance to crank off a list of snarky goodness ... (Continue reading)

Philadelphia Phillies-Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game Four Notes

11) According to the World Wide Lemur, Jimmy Rollins's game-trying and game-winning RBI is the first time that a home team got one of those since...Kirk Gibson. So that means we can stop showing that footage, right? (Please?) 10) ... (Continue reading)

Ten Eagles—Raiders Notes

10) In every terrible loss there is the initial rush of "Oh No," when it becomes apparent that life is not going to go well. Today, of course, it was the monstrous touchdown to Zach Miller, but the fact is ... (Continue reading)

Late NFL Game Notes

    I'd like to thank my local Fox affiliate for not televising the Seahawks game in HD. Those lime green monstrosities might have broken my set. In other karmic news, they lost.  In his third year in the NFL, JaMarcus ... (Continue reading)

Beat Andy Reid and Norv Turner In…”You Crap The Bed!”

It's time for the hottest new game from the NFL, where we give you game-calling options and see how you stack up to actual NFL coaches.  That's right, it's time for "You Crap The Bed!"  Let's play!Our first round gives ... (Continue reading)

Lakers-Magic Game Five: Confetti Bucket Close

It would be wrong to say that the Lakers made the Magic quit in their championship clinching win last night. The Magic deserve better than that in a year where they won two out of three series against 60-win teams, not ... (Continue reading)