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Joseph Lacob’s Overhaul: Golden State Warriors New Big Three

The Golden State Warriors franchise could sure use a makeover, and like Rosie O’Donnell, we shouldn’t settle for cheap cosmetics New owner Joe Lacob is likely to be the one who can bring about the changes we so desperately need (and ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors: Why Monta Ellis?

Everyone wants and deserves a winner but when the chips are down, we so desperately need a scapegoat. Typically, when team problems arise the head or leader is sought to take the fall. In this complex and trying situation, Monta Ellis ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors: Where Do We Go from Here?

Most of the smoke has cleared and the eager and wishful summer dreams will soon turn into our reality. From self-indulgent drama to Yao’s possible retirement, this 2010 off-season has seen it all. Finally, the fortune-deprived Warriors franchise garnered some attention ... (Continue reading)

Straight to the Point: This Has Gone on for Too Long

For decades, we’ve marveled at the abilities of point guards and dearly hold a special place for them inside. We’ve seen them in all different shapes and sizes, but it’s their uncanny ability to lead the teams we love that ... (Continue reading)

Do You Still Have Old “Hang Ups?”: What Raja Bell means to Los Angeles Lakers

The two-time defending world champs have been active this off-season, gearing up for a third consecutive NBA Title. Most agree that Steve Blake was a good addition; however there are a few more areas in need of attention. As the dominoes continue ... (Continue reading)

Is the Human Pogo a No-Go? Shannon Brown’s Future With Lakers Still a Mystery

As more and more time elapses, the anticipation surrounding the NBA's remaining free agents builds. The top-tier free agents have landed, now everyone is looking to acquire the finishing pieces to the puzzle. Certainty, or even rumors of Shannon Brown’s location next season have ... (Continue reading)

Jordan Farmar: Kids, Be Careful What You Wish for

I’m having the trouble figuring out why Farmar was so adamant about leaving Los Angeles. Hmm, what could he have been thinking? I can only envision his thoughts… I don’t want to play for the greatest coach of all time; Phil doesn’t know ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors: From Confused to a Contender

The Golden State Warriors have been lost for the past few seasons. Over the last decade they’ve given away so many gifts you’d think Saint Nicholas was their GM. But like your mother always said,”If you give, you shall receive.” And ... (Continue reading)

L.A. Lakers Strike Gold: Devin Ebanks, Derrick Caracter Tear Up Summer League

Lakers Strike GOLD! Forget John Wall…Evan Turner who? (David Stern Voice) - With the 43rd and 58th picks in the 2010 NBA draft, the Los Angeles Lakers strike GOLD.   Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter are two of the brightest stars in ... (Continue reading)