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NFL 2011: The Road Now Ahead For The Oakland Raiders

I thought I would write an article on what could be in store for the Oakland Raiders this off-season. Before I begin, I thought I'd ruminate on a few things.  I have nothing but respect for what Tom Cable did ... (Continue reading)

Who Exactly Is Desmond Bryant, Oakland Raiders Rookie DT?

As the Raiders head into the preseason, they must evaluate the players on the roster in order to shed those under the bar or not conducive to the system. As any observer of the NFL and especially of the Raiders would ... (Continue reading)

Are Baseball Owners Really Just Community Organizers?

Donald Fehr did his job, whether you like it or not.  That is because Fehr's job was to protect players in contract negotiations. The fact is that the juicers made big money thus that is where many of the big contracts went.  Thus, that ... (Continue reading)

Asking the Big Questions: Oakland Raiders in 2009

On review of the roster for the Oakland Raiders, I am left with many questions.  Though I believe that the Raiders have plenty of great talent in the mix, I wonder about the team's direction. Great talent can often drift when a ... (Continue reading)

Recalling the Seeds of Chucky: Oakland Raiders 2003-???

Seeds of Chucky (2003) Jan. 26, 2003: Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Oakland Raiders would return to contention from 2000-2002 with coach Jon "Chucky" Gruden and riding on the shoulders of aging players like Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, and Rich ... (Continue reading)

Recalling The Iced Kicker Game And Sebastian Janikowski

Sept. 17 2007, Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos On this day a trend began during a 23-20 loss in overtime by the Oakland Raiders to the Denver Broncos. Denver coach, Mike Shanahan, used timeouts to "ice" Oakland's kicker, Sebastian Janikowski. That resulted ... (Continue reading)

Maybe, It’s Just Me / The Real Reason For The Raider’s Struggles

So maybe it is just me, but I do believe that when fans become ungrateful, then that is why their team will perpetually struggle (ex, Cleveland Browns). When the fans see everything negatively, then that voice will resonate through the organization. When that does happen, executives do make rash ... (Continue reading)

The NFL and Antitrust: Mr. Goodell Goes To The Supreme Court

from Senator_Specter@specter.senate.govto date Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 1:31 PMsubject Re: Spygatemailed-by Dear Mr. Xaviel: Thank you for contacting my office regarding the recent destruction of the evidence related to spying by the New England Patriots. I appreciate your interest and ... (Continue reading)

Sony Pictures Shelve Movie About “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt; Soderbergh

Sony Studios has decided to shelve the production of a movie by Steven Soderbergh, starring Brad Pitt and about the baseball book Moneyball only days before the production was set to begin.  Sony has given Soderbergh permission to find another ... (Continue reading)

An History Of Baseball’s Era Of Greed: A Juicing Man’s Game (2 Of 3)

"I believe baseball is a beautiful and exciting game, loved by millions--I among them--and I believe baseball an important, enduring American institution. It must assert and aspire to the highest principles--of integrity, of professionalism of performance, of fair play within ... (Continue reading)