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2010 NFL: No, I’m Not Crazy, Raiders and 49ers Still Alive In Their Divisions

Perhaps this is just the wishful thinking of a fan, but even after the Oakland Raiders squandered a late lead to the Jacksonville Jaguars and lost 38-31, the Raiders are still alive to win the AFC West. That may be ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL: Oakland Raiders’ Promising Season Now Riddled by Impending Doom

Well, it was good while it lasted this season. After the Raiders fell flat against San Francisco, I thought the season was over.  The Raiders then shocked the NFL world for the next three weeks with dominant wins over Denver ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL: Despite “Sucker Punch,” The Oakland Raiders Are Still Contenders

Memo to all you defeatist Raider fans: Do the math.  Despite the loss to Pittsburgh, the Raiders still have the edge in the AFC West by being 3-0 in the division. It seems as though the 2010 NFL season in the ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: At Long Last, the Cable Guy Has Finally Arrived

We all hate to wait for the cable guy, but this one has arrived! In a year where the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, Ron Artest kept his cool, and the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, I've learned ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Are Back: Rookie Jacoby Ford Powers the Raiders to Tough Win

Am I breathing?  I didn't pass out mid-way through the game and then wind-up in a coma, did I?  For all I know, I could be on life support right now.  It would explain the annoying beeping noise I hear.  Those ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL Pro Bowl: Why You Should Vote For Darren McFadden Of The Raiders

(This slideshow includes all my picks for the 2010 Pro Bowl).It's that time of year again. No, not the day before Halloween, or another publicity stunt in Washington.  Not the weekend before the 2010 US elections.It's Pro Bowl votin' time.  ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Run Wild against Denver and Pin the Tail on Donkeys

Okay, Denver fans, take your shots at me for sliming your team.  I needed this.  Raider Nation needed this.  The Oakland Raiders needed this.  I was definitely in a funk this week after the Raiders choked against the San Francisco ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Where Did All the Passion Go Against San Francisco?

There are plenty of nuances I could state about today's game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders, but I won't.  That is not to say that nuances and circumstances are not important, but there really wasn't more ... (Continue reading)

The 10 Best Former Raiders Who Belong In the Hall of Fame

The Raiders of the National Football League have had many great players over the years, and yet, a strong case can be made for many others.  As difficult as this was to do, I made a list of the ten ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Defeat San Diego Chargers For First Time Since 2003

It's over.  It's finally over.  Breath deep Raider nation and savor that air. The Oakland Raiders have snapped a 13-game losing streak that dated to 2003 by defeating the San Diego Chargers, 35-27, in the Oakland Coliseum. Today is 10/10/10.  In binary code, that ... (Continue reading)