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Are the San Diego Chargers a “Lock” to Win the AFC West in 2009?

In my daily readings of, to see what type of "wisdom" is coming from the mass sports media, I happened upon the Raiders Camp Review by Clark Judge. Before I start, I must say that Judge did a halfway fair ... (Continue reading)

Is the Brady Rule Racist or Just Affirmative Action for White Guys?

Recently, I struck up a debate on whether the NFL is racist programming. Yes, ESPN has allowed the NFL to promote racist systems. Thanks to the antitrust exemption on media rights given by the US Congress to the NFL in ... (Continue reading)

Why I Reported to the FCC About Defamation Against the Oakland Raiders

It is time to put the sports media on notice for what I like to call, "thought malfunctions." I do believe that the NFL has engaged in practices that are tantamount to creating programming that is aimed at white audiences to ... (Continue reading)

Will Michael Crabtree’s Holdout Vindicate Al Davis?

This was the first thought that I had when I heard about Michael Crabtee's holdout. Thank you, Al Davis, for the selection of Darrius Heyward-Bey. Seriously. After the NFL Draft, I had as many doubts about Heyward-Bey as most Raider fans.  However, I ... (Continue reading)

A Link to the Past: The ‘Roids of Wrath and the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989

The year was 1989. The dawn of a new decade was before the world, another chance for human growth in the world that could be exemplified by the great athletes of the time. The San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics would ... (Continue reading)