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Why the US Congress Should Revoke ESPN’s License to Broadcast

I have just about had it with ESPN.  On one hand, I can imagine that ESPN employs respectable people, yet the big picture of ESPN is that ESPN is nothing more than propaganda that only serves to divide people in many ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders’ Quarterback JaMarcus Russell Needs to Man-Up

After that thumping by the Jets of the Raiders, I don't know that JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders even care.  I don't believe that they take pride in themselves or what they do.  They seem fulfilled by getting a fat paycheck ... (Continue reading)

Jets-Raiders: Do The Oakland Raiders Have Pride?

That is about the extent of the quesion: Do the Oakland Raiders have pride? Do they care about anything more than just getting paid and the excesses of playing in the NFL?  Do players care that loyal, proud fans stick with their team ... (Continue reading)

Why Darren McFadden Can Be the NFL’s Next Great Runningback

Here is a question that has bothered me: Does Raider runningback, Darren McFadden, have what it takes to be the next great runningback? When the Raiders selected McFadden with the fourth overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, scouts had compared ... (Continue reading)

Why the Guarantee By Raiders’ Richard Seymour Is Audacity of Hope

Star defensive-tackle Richard "The King" Seymour of the Oakland Raiders has had the audacity of hope to declare that the Oakland Raiders will earn a postseason berth. Many in Raider Nation think that Seymour's statements are setting up the Raiders for heartbreak. Frankly, ... (Continue reading)

With Cable Clear, Hanson Should Be Sued and Jay Mariotti Should “Vanish”

Now that Raiders coach Tom Cable has been cleared of assault charges filed by former Raiders assistant Randy Hanson, I must opine on a few things. Randy Hanson should be sued, while ESPN reporter Jay Mariotti should take his own advice ... (Continue reading)

Why Richard Seymour Is the AFC Defensive Player of the Week

It has finally happened.  The Raiders defense performed the way that Raider fans know it can. Despite some great plays on offense by the Raiders against the Eagles, including an 86 yard catch-and-run by Zach Miller and supported with blocks by ... (Continue reading)

Zach Miller Time: Getting the Ball to Tight End a Key to Success for Oakland

Offensively this season, the Raiders have struggled, with occasional flashes of brilliance. In the games against San Diego and Philadelphia, most of those flashes came from tight end Zach Miller. The problem has been that defenses key-in on Miller and negate his ... (Continue reading)

How the Oakland Raiders Upset the Philadelphia Eagles

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't looking forward to the Raiders-Eagles game. I figured that the Raiders had no chance, since the Eagles needed a win, they have the highest scoring offense in the NFL, and the Raiders had ... (Continue reading)

Why Raider Fans Should Support Bill Cowher for Coach or Boycott

Clearly, the Tom Cable experiment is not producing in Oakland and my patience with the Raiders has worn thin. Anyone who follows my articles would know the level of my passionate support of the Raiders, through thick and thin and against ... (Continue reading)