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Golden State Warriors Update: July 13, 2010: Acquiring David No-D Lee

“And I’m Here to Remind You of the Mess You Left When You Went Away”—Alanis Morissette An open letter to The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight* Hey guys, congratulations.  You’ve done it, just as you said you would.  All that recent ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Update—June 25, 2010: Fun with Numbers

The all too frequent post-draft Warriors letdown is here, and with it, a review of the slightly revised Wacky Warriors World.      It’s all about the numbers, so let’s get the party started:   0)  The percentage of confidence the Warriors (lame-)brain trust* appear to have ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Update: Anthony Randolph Trade Rumors

Management Throws Its Fans a Bronx Cheer on the Way Out     “Kiss me.  While I’m being f**cked, I like to get kissed a lot” – Al Pacino, Dog Day Afternoon   I guess they figure it hurts so much, the fans don’t feel pain ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Update: Where Are They Now?

Golden State Warriors Update - May 10, 2010   Where Are They Now?   As a common media theme, “Where Are They Now?” is often a headline for a feel good piece, locating sports heroes who, decades earlier, captured fans’ hearts and minds by ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Update: 3/22/10 The Time Has Come

Golden State Warriors Update - March 22, 2010 - The Time Has Come In the midst of a "we-are-now-officially-mailing-it-in" and "are-you-kidding-defense"  road trip, news - important news - has arrived:  It has yet to be confirmed, but, but:   A friend of ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Update: Feb 20: Denial, Not a River In Egypt

Da-Nile: it runs run deep, and the current carries everyone nearby with them.   Warrior Update Attending Friday’s Jazz-Warrior game, wesaw a masterful work of art.  It was like precision surgery, using minimal effort to extract an NBA victory, carving up the ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors Update: The Franchise Falls to the Hardwood

Eventually, it was bound to happen.  Everyone knew it.  Monta Ellis leads the league in minutes played, and that has consequences.  We are not talking about bone-tired turnovers at critical junctures late in games; they are a given, certainties.  We ... (Continue reading)

Warriors Update – December 26, 2009

Warriors Update – December 26, 2009   An Open Letter to the Warriors Brass   Gentlemen:   There’s no denying it.  Trouble is brewing in Warrior-land.  Losses are piling up early in the season.  Attendance is dropping off.  Fan interest is waning.  ... (Continue reading)

Warriors Update – December 10, 2009

Warriors Update – December 10, 2009     We are certain we heard it last night: Pfffft.  It was not leaking air from a post game Continental Arena balloon.  Nor was it the sound of resignation from Warrior fans after realizing their team ... (Continue reading)

Golden State Warriors: The Not-Quite-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players

Last night was opening night at the theater.  Previews of the post-Jackson era Warriors were promising.  As the curtain rose and play began, it was clear the Warriors had assigned themselves the junior varsity role, trying to prove they belong. They ... (Continue reading)