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Boltman Testifies at City Council Meeting on San Diego Chargers’ Future

The San Diego City Council convened on Wednesday for a discussion on a proposed study that would assess the environmental impact of building a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers. The study, which was approved, will run the city about ... (Continue reading)

Remember the Time D’Angelo Russell’s Mind Was Blown by a Blake Griffin Dunk?

I can't in good conscience type the words "a young D'Angelo Russell" while describing a guy currently 19 years of age, so we'll just go with "a younger D'Angelo Russell."A younger D'Angelo Russell first walked into the greater public consciousness in 2012, when cameras ... (Continue reading)

The Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Victory Parade Is Turning Up

The Golden State Warriors are taking over Oakland this fine Friday for a two-mile victory parade through the city to celebrate their first NBA championship in 40 years. The situation is fluid, obviously. But we'll do our best to keep up ... (Continue reading)

Mark Davis Speaks to Reporters and Protesters on Oakland Raiders’ Future Plans

NFL owners met in San Francisco on Tuesday to talk shop and address recent occurrences and rumblings in the league.  New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft used the meeting as an opportunity to accept the NFL’s Deflategate punishments, while Oakland Raiders ... (Continue reading)

Austin Rivers Crosses Himself Over, Still Scores 17 Points in Win over Rockets

Doc Rivers drew the blade over his palm and wiped the sticky blood on the face of his only begotten NBA-caliber son. “Go now, lull them to sleep with your moon-eyed convulsions, and when they are weakest, strike with a horrifying ... (Continue reading)

Amari Cooper Looks Jazzed to Be an Oakland Raider

The Oakland Raiders selected Amari Cooper No. 4 overall in the 2015 NFL draft on Thursday, grabbing a wide receiver in the opening round for the first time since the Great Darrius Heyward-Bey Experiment of 2009. The following is a picture ... (Continue reading)

Hey, Mike Woodson: Did You Eat That Woman’s Chips?

With a heavy heart I come to you today to pose a question I never thought I’d have to consider in my time here on Earth:Is Mike Woodson a chip thief?It’s not something I ask lightly, but after reviewing evidence ... (Continue reading)

Chris Paul Throws an All-Time Hissy Fit During Loss to Spurs

Have you heard about Chris Paul’s intensity? How about his almond-colored eyes that see all and radiate like sun crystals as he parses the court with unforgiving ferocity? How about his tantrums? You may have heard about those, because as serious ... (Continue reading)

1 of Matt Barnes’ Sons Went to Dress-Up Day at School as Stephen Curry

Being the child of a professional athlete sounds like a cushy gig. You get to go to games for free and get all sorts of cool gear. Adults on sports websites write stories about how awesome and precious a human being ... (Continue reading)

Are These Abominable Jersey Redesigns the Clippers’ New Team Jerseys?

More so than most other major professional sports franchises, NBA basketball teams are in a constant state of renewal and rebranding. Teams are adding sleeves, changing logos and generally doing whatever they can to not be the kid with last season's ... (Continue reading)