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Hollywood Ending? Los Angeles Lakers Are Mirror Image Of L.A. Arrogance

The Los Angeles Lakers have now lost three games in a row for the first time in three seasons; the first time since they acquired Pau Gasol. It was in late January of 2008 that the Lakers last dropped three straight. ... (Continue reading)

2 Legit 2 Quit: Crabtree’s Cave Monumental Gain For 49ers

Give the kid some credit. He's got quite the infectious smile. He also has Deion Sanders and MC Hammer in his corner.  Hey, that's a combination even cyanide would steer clear of. Michael Crabtree was said by some to have been the best ... (Continue reading)

Not Merely an Arms Race: Tim Lincecum Is More Than a Cy Young Winner

Sorry, Phat Albert.  My sincere apologies, Prince.  It has to be said. It just has to. So, here it goes. You ready? This'll feel a whole lot better once I get this off my chest.  Tim Lincecum could (or should) be the 2009 ... (Continue reading)

Judgment Daze: San Francisco Giants Must Drum Up Wins or Face the Music

Aug. 24 is now a distant memory, although it didn't seem like it was all too long ago that Ryan Spilborghs upgraded his wheels to blaze around the basepaths.  Forget the Edgar Renteria salami against the Rockies that was a cordial ... (Continue reading)

Where the Wild Things Are: Giants’ Resiliency Unquestionable

We should've known better, but now we know. Do not question this 2009-version of the San Francisco Giants. Sure, you'll be tempted to wave au revoir, but that's what they want you to do. They dare you to. They wink at you. ... (Continue reading)

Inglourious Gients? San Francisco Must Discover Shame and Channel It

Nothing worth anything ever came easy.  Nothing worth earning ever crawled up minus life and surrendered. Nothing worth wanting ever succumbed without a fight.  The San Francisco Giants are learning that the hard way, and to make the variety of cuts a little ... (Continue reading)

A Calculated Risk: Sabean and Giants Walk The Walk

"To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence." -Mark Twain In a matter of a few days, the San Francisco Giants front office sent a few obligatory texts to a crew of those awaiting answers to questions. The first ... (Continue reading)

Trading Places: Lake Show Antes Up with Ron Artest over Trevor Ariza

The day started just like any other in the world of NBA free agency. Marc Stein had his rumor mill brewing, J.A. Adande was spouting off Laker plaudits as if they were going out of style and players were being courted. Hell, ... (Continue reading)

Tenaciously, The Kids Are In It and Silencing Critics Along The Way

His locks free-flowing, and his quirky, juxtaposing windup spell out sentences in the book that is the 2009 San Francisco Giants. Tim Lincecum is just the tasty, page-turning first chapter. Everything else is falling into place. Everything for a team that was ... (Continue reading)

Day and Night: Comparing Kobe Bryant to LeBron James Is Futile for One Reason

It's a shame. It really is. Unfortunately for NBA commish David Stern and his cronies, they aren't getting Christmas morning for the second straight year in the Finals. 2008 rang bells of Pau Gasol donning La La Land gold and a Boston ... (Continue reading)