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Oakland Raiders Offseason: Things Are Looking Bleak for the 2011 NFL Season

Things are currently looking a little bleak for the Raider Nation The Raiders do not believe in a having a general manager, so all of the football business is handled by the owner, Al Davis and the head coach. Oakland has not renewed ... (Continue reading)

Tom Cable Deserved Better from the Oakland Raiders

"The Raiders express gratitude to Tom Cable for his contributions in his four seasons as an assistant and as head coach of the silver and black." With these words, Tom Cable was gone as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. No ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Need To Beat Just One Opponent: Themselves

Following anemic losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins, the perceived wisdom of many was that the 2010 Oakland Raiders had been tried and found wanting. Yes, they may have picked up some wins against divisional rivals in the ... (Continue reading)

Jacoby Ford: Is He the Next Great Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver?

Just how good is Jacoby Ford? Ford was born in Florida and attended Clemson University, where he was a track and football star. Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders have a reputation for drafting fast athletes who aren't necessarily the ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Are Sinking Fast: Can They Stay Afloat in the AFC?

   The Oakland Raiders’ Pirate ship has been holed below the water line and is sinking fast. Trying to sure up the holes won’t do anymore–there is too much structural damage. Ahead, roaming the AFC seas, there are two rival craft, in ... (Continue reading)

AFC West Title: The Next Three Weeks Are Crucial for the Oakland Raiders

With Oakland's (5-5) blow-out in Pittsburgh being coupled with Kansas City's (6-4) handling of the Cardinals and San Diego's (5-5) recent rally, there is a three-way battle for the AFC Crown with only the Denver Broncos trailing behind. It is going ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Still a Work in Progress Following Lesson By Pittsburgh

Rome was not built in a day It’s time for some honesty and realism from the Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation. Are the Raiders as bad as the 35-3 score line suggests against the Steelers? No. Are the Raiders as ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers: An Old School Reunion

This weekend’s match-up in Pittsburgh between the Oakland Raiders and the Steelers turns back the years. It is old school. It is in your face, smash-mouth football and it has us all drooling again after years of starvation. The AFC may ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: How Do They Compare To the Other AFC Playoff Teams?

If the season ended today, the Oakland Raiders would be in the play-offs.Three wins—and two losses by the Kansas City Chiefs—means the Raiders lead the AFC West by virtue of a better record both against the Chiefs (1-0 against 0-1) ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Three Reasons To Still Be Cautious

The last three weeks has been a heck of a ride for the Oakland Raiders. They have destroyed past and present AFC West rivals 115-37 dominating on both sides of the ball. This has sent the Raider Nation into overdrive with ... (Continue reading)