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Oakland Raiders Need To Wise Up or KC Chiefs Will Become a Dynasty

Mark Twain famously once said, "There's lies, damned lies, and then there's statistics." You be the judge. I feel that way about numbers sometimes. But the more I look at what's brewing in KC, the more alarmed I am that no ... (Continue reading)

Raider Nation In Turmoil: Looking For Solutions

Now is the time for all good men to point their fingers at the organization, and sadly at each other. For some it's all Al Davis' fault, as per usual. Others blame Cable while more blame the whole coaching staff. JaMarcus looks like ... (Continue reading)

Breaking News? Two Media Outlets Report Chris McAlister Joins Oakland Raiders

Don't believe everything you read, yet. At, there is no addition to the roster. The Raiders organization itself is denying this. So, who knows. My source: Interesting story only for speculation on who McAlister would replace. This story's author calls Chris ... (Continue reading)

Non-Richard Seymour Raider News That Needs Discussion

Brief intro: I usually get my fill of Raider news here, so that's why I'm here. But there have been some stories in neglect as of late, something I've never seen happen, but understandable with the dramatic storylines as of late. * ... (Continue reading)

Another Annoying Prediction Article: The 2009 Oakland Raiders Season

 ***SPOILER: RAIDERS GO 16-0.*** I'm bored, you are bored. So grab a soda or beer or lemonade. THIS IS ALL FOR FUN but for some reason I Want To Believe as Fox Mulder used to say. See Russell handing off to ... (Continue reading)

Stick a Fork In it: Frantz Joseph and Stryker Sulak Waived

I can't credit this breaking news to myself: a poster on my last story about Sulak rumors did it for me. This morning I checked to see about validity of the Sulak rumors: no validity. Apparently sometime this afternoon the RAIDERS.COM ... (Continue reading)

Stryker Sulak Cut: A 10-Minute Internet Investigation

Breaking. NBC reports a "source" is reporting to them at that Sulak has been waived. The article above implies that Sulak was holding out and the Raiders used an obscure clause not to tender a one-year contract. This goes with Cable's ... (Continue reading)