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Shane Victorino, Pitching Lead Phillies Past the Padres

This tag was the result of a beautiful Shane Victorino throw.Charlie Manuel considered benching Shane Victorino before Saturday night's game against the San Diego Padres because of his recent struggles against right-handed batters. But Manuel, loyal to a fault, decided to ... (Continue reading)

Flyers Allowed to Speak With Sharks’ Evgeni Nabokov

Nabokov could be the newest Flyer in a couple of days. According to a few different media outlets, the Philadelphia Flyers have been given permission to speak with current Sharks' goalie (but soon-to-be free agent) Evgeni Nabokov. ... (Continue reading)

More Evidence the Oakland Raiders Don’t Expect to Land Donovan McNabb

Since the rumors of Donovan McNabb heading to Oakland started making their way around the blogosphere, I've maintained that McNabb will not become a Raider . But no matter how much evidence is piled in front of people, everyone ... (Continue reading)

Donovan McNabb Will Not Become an Oakland Raider

Since the talks of Donovan McNabb-to-St. Louis have been shot down, more crazy rumors are now beginning to make their way around the blogosphere regarding McNabb's future with the Eagles. And apparently, the Raiders are the likeliest team to ... (Continue reading)

Chargers Score Touchdowns, Eagles Kick Field Goals

Now is the perfect time to use Michael Vick in the Wildcat. With the score 14-6 at halftime, the Eagles are in great position to get blown out of the water. Yes, it's only an eight point game, ... (Continue reading)

Keys to the Game: Eagles at San Diego Chargers

Any real fan can tell me what was going on here. If you ask most fans in Philly what the keys to this game will be, you may be told that it doesn't matter. Apparently ... (Continue reading)

How Rookie Michael Crabtree is Ruining the 2009 Season For the Entire NFL

Meet Michael Crabtree. Heading into the 2009 NFL Draft, this kid was almost a lock to be selected top five. He was electric during his years at Texas Tech and showed that he had natural ability few could hope to match. However, ... (Continue reading)

The Top Five: Best 3-4 Outside Linebackers in the NFL

An outside linebacker in the 3-4 has a lot of the same responsibilities as a defensive end in the 4-3. They must be quick, fast, agile, intelligent, and able to secure the edge. Just like a defensive end in the 4-3, outside ... (Continue reading)

The Top Five: Best 3-4 Nose Tackles in the NFL

While philosophies may differ, the most usual job description of the 3-4 nose tackle is to simply be a space eater. The nose tackle will usually be the biggest guy on the field, and more often than not, he's not doing ... (Continue reading)

Why Can Manny Ramirez Play in the Minor Leagues During His Suspension?

Forgive my ignorance on the matter, as I'm not well-versed in MLB rules and regulations, but why in the world is a suspended player allowed to play in the minor leagues before making their post-suspension major league debut?Now obviously I ... (Continue reading)