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NBA: Breaking Down 2009-2010 Western Playoff Seeds by Offseason Moves

Throughout the 2008-2009 NBA offseason in the West, we have seen some moves that well, shocked us to put it bluntly. The San Antonio Spurs made a splash by acquiring Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks. The defending NBA champions, ... (Continue reading)

Lamar Odom Offer Rescinded by Lakers: Some Tension Between Odom and LA

It was reportedly in the books. Lamar Odom and the Los Angeles Lakers had agreed to a contract worth $27 million for three years. Despite the reported agreement, Odom was upset that the Lakers did not give him a lengthier contract. ... (Continue reading)

Looks Like Grizzlies and Heat Have Some Compettion: LA Wants Allen Iverson

It seems like the hunt for Iverson has taken a new dive. The Los Angeles Clippers are seriously considering in bringing in ten-time all star and former MVP, Allen Iverson. They are reportedly offering Iverson their full MLE, or mid level exception, ... (Continue reading)

Rockets Forward Ron Artest Says He Is Going Strong With The LA Lakers

Somebody should check out Kobe's elbow—it has some sort of mind controlling powers. After getting into Kobe's face, Ron Artest has decided that he will indeed be going strong with the Los Angeles Lakers. First reported by, Ron Artest ... (Continue reading)

Lamar Odom or Trevor Ariza: After the Cheers and Tears, Who Will Head to LA?

TV announcers have said the Lakers will need to make a change once the playoffs are over. Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza have been competing to win their first NBA championship, which they did yesterday. They achieved their goal trying to ... (Continue reading)

Magic Look To Stop a Lakers Championship Parade in Orlando

In what has been a very exciting series the past two games, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to redeem themselves after getting blown out of last years Finals against the Boston Celtics. Derek Fisher, being the clutch shooter that he ... (Continue reading)

Breaking News: Nelson has Just Checked into the Game.

Nelson has just checked into the game at the start of the second quarter. He was slated to not play in game one, but it seems that he will even though it could possibly be limited minutes. He was activated ... (Continue reading)

Baron Davis and the LA Clippers’ First Pick on the Move?

As draft day moves closer more rumors are thrown out into the basketball world. Some are just absurd, others reasonable, and some very possible. No matter if they are absurd, reasonable or possible, they are still fun to imagine. This one ... (Continue reading)

A Story Book Matchup: Disney Land Vs Disney World

It's in the books. The 2008-2009 NBA finals will start in Los Angeles, California, after Dwight Howard's 40 point performance helped the Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and advance to the NBA finals for the first time in 14 ... (Continue reading)