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Oakland Raiders: Creating Order From Chaos Starts With Coaching

For the first time in seven years, Raider Nation is cautiously optimistic. Many things have transpired in the last few months to raise the hopes of the fans. This is much more than the wishful thinking that has occupied Raider fans ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Did Barrett Robbins Really Break the Mirror?

"Well I ain't superstitious but black cat just done crossed my trail"   Words by Willie Dixon (I Ain't Superstitious) Conventional wisdom dictates that the past seven years of Raiders history is the story of a megalomania gone wild. This notion has seeped ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Turning Fat Into Muscle With Jason Campbell

There's a growing feeling in the Raider Nation that the Oakland Raiders are about to reverse their losses and become playoff competitor once more. Many point to the acquisition of Jason Campbell as a reason for this positive outlook along ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: The Blame Falls Upon the Ones Who Refuse to Accept It.

As JaMarcus Russell casually saunters out of Oakland on his way back to Mobile, B/R Raider writers have turned their attention to other suspect Raider players and coaches. There is a Buddhist saying that "the blame falls upon the person ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Trimming the Fat: Why JaMarcus Russell was Released

I am not naive enough to believe that the debate surrounding JaMarcus Russell will simply go away now that he has been released. There will be some who will continue to maintain that Russell was the victim during his tenure ... (Continue reading)