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2015 MLB Trade Deadline: 4 Realistic Targets for the San Francisco Giants

At last year's trade deadline, fans implored San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean to bolster the offense. Sabean traded for starter Jake Peavy five days before the deadline, but he didn't make any more trades to improve the offense. But ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Why Letting Pablo Sandoval Go Is the Best Course of Action

After winning the World Series in 2010 and 2012, the San Francisco Giants were expecting stellar results in 2011 and 2013. However, they didn't get what they were looking for, and their inactive offseasons had a lot to do with why. The ... (Continue reading)

Why the San Francisco Giants Need to Bolster Their Offense Immediately

This is not 2010. The year is 2014, but as far as the San Francisco Giants are concerned, there are similarities between the two years. For one, general manager Brian Sabean is still with the team. Additionally, key players such as pitchers ... (Continue reading)

MLB Trade Speculation: Why the San Francisco Giants Must Make a Splash Instantly

The last time the San Francisco Giants let go of their top prospect, they acquired a one-year stopgap who bolted after just two months on the shores of McCovey Cove. San Francisco lost pitcher Zack Wheeler to the New York Mets and ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Has Tim Lincecum Officially Returned to His Old Form?

Tim Lincecum has taken fans on a roller-coaster ride during the last three years, and it's finally reached its peak. Sure, it was a lot more riveting watching Lincecum dazzle fans with eight brilliant innings in Game 5 of the 2010 ... (Continue reading)

Why the San Francisco Giants Must Not Trade for a Starting Pitcher

To say the least, problems have been plentiful in San Francisco lately.The Giants offense has gone cold, and as a result, the team's 9.5-game lead in the NL West has evaporated in less than a month. The team is currently ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Examining the Potential Benefits of Their Draft Class

The homegrown talent present on the current San Francisco Giants roster isn't easy to ignore. However, it's also hard to forgive the team for its lack of talent in the farm system. San Francisco drafted stars such as Madison Bumgarner and ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Analyzing the Biggest Position Battles

It's safe to say for the San Francisco Giants, everything looks different now than it did at the beginning of spring training.Mark Minicozzi became a household name among Giants fans before getting optioned to the minors. Brandon Hicks has completely ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Why Brian Sabean’s Offseason Strategy Is Costing Them

When one part of a team has struggled for years, it's expected that the general manager would go out and try to upgrade that area. Surprisingly, San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean has different ideas. San Francisco is known for its ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Exploring Their Options This Offseason

The San Francisco Giants, for the first time in a long time, are going to make splashy moves in the offseason. San Francisco already dished out lofty amounts of money to retain Hunter Pence and Tim Lincecum, but    there is ... (Continue reading)