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Cost-Effective Moves the San Francisco 49ers Can Make This Offseason

The San Francisco 49ers will have a busy offseason this spring. Regardless of whether they win the Super Bowl this year, they will be a team with a big target on its back. Add to that the resurgent Seattle Seahawks ... (Continue reading)

5 Players San Francisco Could Take in the First Round of the 2013 NFL Draft

It's never too early to plan for the next season, even as the 49ers plan for their showdown with the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.As good as the 49ers have looked ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers: Rethinking Draft Needs in a Read Option World

The read option, whether it's run out of a traditional shotgun set or the pistol formation, is the new kid in town these days. It's hard to defend against, and with an athletic quarterback running this sort of approach, it ... (Continue reading)

3 Advantages the 49ers Hold over the Packers Heading into the Divisional Round

This Saturday's NFC divisional round matchup pitting the San Francisco 49ers against the Green Bay Packers is the best, most-evenly matched game of the NFL playoffs thus far. Both teams have flaws, both have strengths. San Francisco has been reeling ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers: What’s with the Fans and Can They Get Louder?

The Seattle Seahawks have one of the most inauspicious, generic histories of any team in the NFL. In 37 seasons, the franchise has exactly one Super Bowl appearance (a loss), two conference championship game appearances and a grand total of ... (Continue reading)

5 Biggest Roadblocks to the Super Bowl for the San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers face a tough road ahead of them if they want to be in uniform and standing on the sidelines with their hands over their hearts during the national anthem in New Orleans' Superdome on Feb. 3. ... (Continue reading)

Should the San Francisco 49ers Let Alex Smith Walk This Offseason?

Alex Smith was replaced at quarterback by Colin Kaepernick earlier this season following a concussion and Kaepernick's transcendent performance in his stead against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Through no fault of his own, Smith's time as the starting ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

Final – Seahawks 42, 49ers 1349ers vs. Seahawks. That has a nice ring to it, like Ali vs. Frazier, Louis vs. Schmeling, communism vs. capitalism, Joan Crawford vs. Bette Davis or George vs. Martha.Two or three years ago this matchup would have been ... (Continue reading)

10 Draft Prospects Who Would Be Perfect Fits for the San Francisco 49ers

For years the San Francisco 49ers were known as a "finesse" team, a derogatory term that did little to encapsulate the way the team played during its glory years of the 1980s and 90s. The fact is that they played ... (Continue reading)

49ers vs. Patriots: San Francisco’s Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 15

The San Francisco 49ers pulled out a huge victory against the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football, a game that they needed to win in order to avoid a win-at-all-costs showdown with the Seattle Seahawks next week in Seattle.I ... (Continue reading)