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A History of the San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants Playoffs Matchup

During the ‘80s the 49ers and Giants matched up four times in the playoffs, twice in San Francisco and then twice in the Meadowlands. Here, adapted from my e-book covering the 49ers under Bill Walsh, are summaries ... (Continue reading)

Tim Lincecum Proving Himself in High School

I've pieced together a post elsewhere about Tim Lincecum's success as a high school pitcher at Liberty High, located south of Seattle, in 2002 and 2003 from Seattle Times reports. To celebrate Lincecum's repeat Cy Young award today, here's an ... (Continue reading)

The San Francisco Giants Drafting Barry Bonds In 1982

Here's a little tidbit from the What Might Have Been Files, taken from a Glenn Dickey column in the San Francisco Chronicle of July 4, 1988. The headline: "Picture Giants With Bonds And Incaviglia": ONCE AGAIN this past weekend, with the ... (Continue reading)

The 44th Anniversary Of Sandy Koufax’s Perfect Game

It's the 44th anniversary of Sandy Koufax's fourth no-hitter, and his one and only perfect game—a 1-0 masterpiece at Dodger Stadium to beat Bob Hendley and the Chicago Cubs. Rather than wait for a more obvious anniversary, such as the 50th, ... (Continue reading)

Pitching, Steroids, and The 1989 Oakland A’s

With the 20-year reunion of the 1989 Oakland A's last week came new talk about whether steroids use completely tainted the superb A's teams of 1988-1990. I grew up watching the '88 and '89 A's, and their success, especially in 1989, ... (Continue reading)

Randy Johnson’s First Two Wins

In commemoration of Randy Johnson joining the 300-win club by beating his first team, I've gathered up some information about wins one and two, and here's some excerpts. The first win was in Montreal, on Sept. 15, 1988. It was a ... (Continue reading)

The 10 Best 49er Wins of the ā€™80s

I recently completed a project chronicling the 10 years, 1979 through 1988, that Bill Walsh coached the 49ers. (Niners fans who want to learn more about the project can go to Iā€™d grown up cheering for the 49ers of ... (Continue reading)