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Lakers About To Ruin a Perfect Thing

HBO has Marty Scorcese's brilliant look at the Las Vegas mob during the 1980s, "Casino," in their rotation and On Demand right now. One of my favorite parts is at the start of the movie, when Joe Pesci's character tells ... (Continue reading)

The Trevor Ariza Situation

Trevor Ariza is gone now. No longer on the Lakers for me to worry about. But I still will think about him, for what could have been and what will be. I wish Ariza had been retained by the Lakers, obviously; ... (Continue reading)

Lakers: Can the Other Guys Get Some Love?

The Lakers win the NBA championship, and all anyone can talk about is how it's Kobe's fourth and first without Shaq, and Phil's 10th overall, surpassing Red, and where it ranks them all-time. Well, can a single coach and a single ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant Wins Fourth Title, and Now He Can Sleep Soundly

Well, after all of that, now that he's done it, I think the most apt question is, Is anyone surprised? Of course Kobe Bryant led a team to an NBA championship. For the most part, all the truest of true ... (Continue reading)

Derek Fisher Comes Through for Los Angeles Lakers Again

Derek Fisher has, here in the latter stages of his career, come to be admired as a sort of basketball warhorse. But he was not always so esteemed. Near the end of his first stint with the Lakers, Fisher earned ... (Continue reading)

Where Will Kobe Rank All-Time if He Can Win This Title?

I've heard that he's top-15 with a chance to crack the top-eight. I've heard that he's top-10 with a chance to break the top-five. Many have their opinion about where Kobe Bryant ranks historically right now, and where Kobe Bryant ... (Continue reading)

Desperate Los Angeles Lakers Will Top Orlando Magic In Finals

Before we tackle the NBA Finals, we must first congratulate LeBron James for being a hero, even in ultimate failure. To see someone play so unbelievably well in a losing effort is both disheartening and something to admire. He played his ... (Continue reading)