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More on Crabtree and 49ers

Hopefully, my look inside the 49ers-Michael Crabtree negotiations on Friday proved the point that it’s not as simple as “slotting the pick” and filling in the numbers accordingly. This one is complicated for a few reasons, some of which we discussed ... (Continue reading)

Throw Me the Money: Getting Inside the Michael Crabtree Contract Negotiations

National Football Post It seems like every year there’s one negotiation that stands out as the last remaining battleground between a player and a team. The fact that this year’s last man standing is Michael Crabtree is not surprising, for a ... (Continue reading)

Wednesday Why’s: The Reason for Veteran Signings

Why Are Teams Now Starting to Sign Vested Veterans? The financial ramifications of signing vested players became much less severe on Monday. As I wrote last week, any vested player on a roster at the start of the regular season is ... (Continue reading)

NFL Wednesday Whys: Critical Time for Cap Planning

National Football Post Why is today such an important day of the year for the NFL salary cap? Today marks the turn of the calendar in which all players on teams count toward the salary cap. When the 2009 league year started on ... (Continue reading)

Wednesday Whys: No Complaints from Rivers

National Football Post Why was it expected that Philip Rivers would sign a mega-contract extension prior to the start of the season? Rivers was the other shoe to drop after the Eli Manning extension in New York. With the market set the ... (Continue reading)

Do broadcast deals help owners?

National Football Post Broadcast Deals Extended In the midst of this economic downturn, the NFL has extended important broadcast deals with its partners for two more years. Set to expire following the 2011 season, if there is a 2011 season, the league’s ... (Continue reading)

The last picks standing

National Football Post First, I ask for your indulgence to note the passing of Eunice Shriver last week. Shriver was the founder, defining voice and embodiment of a movement that will hopefully live on in perpetuity: the Special Olympics. She used ... (Continue reading)

Believe None of What You’ve “Herd” in Overblown Michael Crabtree Situation

National Football Post I think we can chill on the hysteria about Michael Crabtree holding out the entire season and forgoing his chance to play with the 49ers. We at the National Football Post are not going to be pulling out ... (Continue reading)