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2010 Fantasy Basketball: Waiver Wire Options to Target in Week 2

What's up fantasy fanatics? I hope the first few weeks of your fantasy league have gone swimmingly. It's impossible to overlook Rajon Rondo's mad assist spree, Monta Ellis' crazy scoring binge, Lamar Odom's extremely-high shooting percentage, (and Kevin Durant's relatively-low shooting ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant: How Important Is It For Him To Win His Sixth Championship?

After signing the top three free-agents in the best free-agent class in history, the Miami Heat received an unprecedented amount of attention.  From the moment LeBron James said, "I'll be taking my talents to South Beach," the hype for the Heat ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James Is a Parallel To Tupac vs. Biggie

Before reading, please remember that this article is subjective, but then again, everything in life is... Over the last three years, basketball's big debate has been: Who is better, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? If you're familiar with rap/hip-hop, (and ... (Continue reading)

NBA Predictions: Who’ll Headline the 2011 All-Star Game, Kevin Durant or LBJ?

If you want to see NBA superstars, the NBA All-Star Game is not a bad place to go.  On February 20th, Los Angeles will host the NBA's 60th annual All-Star Game. Scheduled to be played in a city that can't get ... (Continue reading)

LeBron James: ‘This Is the Year’ Has Become a Reoccurring Theme

For the past three summers, the NBA's widespread fan and media base has been happy to proclaim that LeBron James is the league's best player. The talks of "this will be the year that LeBron James surpasses Kobe Bryant" has become a recurring ... (Continue reading)

Doc Rivers: “Lakers Haven’t Beat Us Yet”

Last season, the Los Angeles Lakers earned their 16th NBA title at the expense of longtime rival: The Boston Celtics. As great a defensive showdown as Game 7 was, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers believes the Lakers have yet to claim ... (Continue reading)

NBA Power Rankings 2010-11: Top 10 Challengers to the Los Angeles Lakers

There are 82 games in the NBA's long regular season. The Champs will begin their title defense against the Houston Rockets on October 26th.  With Miami revitalized, Oklahoma City one year older, Dallas coming in hungry and Boston looking to avenge ... (Continue reading)

Love It or Not, How Kobe Bryant Became America’s Favorite Athlete

Once upon a time there was a man named Kobe Bryant. Kobe played basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. During the summer of 2007, Bryant let the team know that he was not happy with the direction that the team was headed.  ... (Continue reading)

The NBA Today: The NBA’s Five Best in-Game Dunkers (with Video)

A list made of the five best in-game dunkers TODAY. Not all-time, not in the dunk contest, but today in an actual game. Along with the player's picture, you will see the dunk tally that specific player racked up this ... (Continue reading)

Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals 2010: Is Kobe Standing Alone?

Following the Lakers' disappointing game five showing, one should question whether this Laker team really wants it. Aside from Kobe Bryant (and Derek Fisher), the rest of the team's "championship desire" is in question. In this post-season, Kobe has once again proved ... (Continue reading)